‘Tis the Season

The day after turkey day, we went to Hanscome’s Christmas Tree Farm in North Yarmouth to pick out and cut down any tree of our choosing.  I have always wanted to do that and was happy to find a place in our own backyard.

Upon arrival we picked up a saw and headed out into the field.  I was hoping for a tall wide one like I had last year, but it wasn’t going to work out this year.  We finally happened upon a very nice, sturdy, tall, dependable tree – just like my husband 🙂 .  After playing around a bit we committed to it by chopping it down and carrying it through the village of trees.


Whenever I’ve put up a tree in the past, I’ve always put up all the ornaments I’ve collected as a child and as I grew up.  I’ve noticed other people creating trees with a theme and I thought for our first year in the house that I would try a collected look as well.

I decided to go with something beachy, silver and blue, and snowy- kind of like a Maine winter. Here’s what I came up with:

Here are a few examples of what I used:

A clear ornament with sand from our Honeymoon…

An assortment of scented balls from a potpourri set from Michaels…

Some funky disco balls to bring out the shine…

Coastal themed potpourri sets…

A bunch of little icicles…

And, of course, some sentimental items:

An ornament given to us by Scott and Ruth of the Brewster House.  We’ve stayed there every New Year’s Eve since the night we were engaged.

The ornament my mom gave us last year in honor of our first Christmas in Maine with the Lears…

And a his and hers first Christmas ornament from my mother in law, Cissie.

I hope you all have fun decorating for the season ahead.





  1. Dear Wife,

    This is a wonderful blog about how beautiful you’ve made our home this Holiday season. Let’s celebrate! I’ll pop the bubbly.


  2. What a beautiful tree for our two wonderful loved ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Mum & Dad

  3. Angela Dirksen says:

    What a terrific theme for a spectacular tree, just like the incredible couple who “adopted” it! Enjoy your first holiday season in your new home! See you soon. Much Love, Ang, Norman and Steve

  4. Beautiful tree and wonderful decorations… Hey there should also be a Maine Fisherman…
    And don’t you have some blue ones I quilted. Can’t wait to come visit and spend another Maine holiday… And I want to find another Lobster trap tree…

  5. The excitement of going with you and Alex to cut down the tree was wonderful. Your Dad and I had such a good time. Your tree is beautifully decorated!! Merry Christmas!

  6. Okay, I was just going to happily read a post and move on, but the loving comments attached to this post are so adorable, I had to leave one, too. Rock on with your sweet, bloggin’ self.

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