I had a beautiful blue and white Victorian dollhouse my mom once gave me.  Over the years it fell into disrepair.  When it arrived at my new house from my mother’s basement, it looked like this:

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I probably hadn’t seen it in 20 years and it was painful to see it like this.  Right then I decided to fix ‘er up.

Now, I’ve restored it to its original condition, more or less.

My next plan is to improve upon it.  I’m thinking some wall paper, more furniture, new carpet, etc.  You might also see this house make an appearance in my Alice in Wonderland shoot with Lola Studios.  Stay tuned!

On a side note:  My mom and I wanted to put together a gingerbread lighthouse together.  We didn’t have time to design that, so we got a Disney Cinderella castle instead.  We got that and a bunch of fun candies at Cracker Barrel to decorate it with.  That was definitely a highlight of the holidays!


Hope you all had a great holiday and have a happynewlear…YEAR!



Tiffany Sandwich Cookies

These cookies came from my mom’s best high school friend’s mom, Mrs. Tiffany.  These cookies are a special treat with coconut, oatmeal, and cornflakes with a chocolate cream these filling.  YUM!  They do take some time to make, which is why they are usually a once a year Christmas treat.  They are well worth it though.


Tiffany Sandwich Cookies

(recipe from my mom)

Sift  1 cup flour
½ tsp baking soda
¼ tsp salt
Set aside

Cream  ½ cup shortening
½ cup granulated sugar
½ cup brown sugar
Beat until light and creamy

Blend 1 egg
½ tsp vanilla
Stir in flour mixture

Add 1 cup corn flakes  – measure then crush
1 cup quick rolled oats
½ cup coconut

Remove 1/3 of dough  – reserve

Shape 2/3 into balls – Level tbsp per ball
Place on greased cookie sheet or on parchment paper
Flatten with bottom of glass (dipped in flour – to prevent sticking)

Shape 1/3 into Level tsp balls

Bake at 350 degrees for 8-10 minutes


Melt over hot water in double boiler
6 oz package Nestle’s Semi Sweet morsels
½ cup confectioners’ sugar
1 tbs water
Stir until smooth and creamy

Blend in 3 oz package soft cream cheese
Beat until smooth, Let Cool
Spread on larger cookies, Top with small cookies
Let cool

I typically double or triple this recipe.

Let me know if you make these. I’d love to know what you think!

Happy Holidays!


Bedroom Makeover

This is my first attempt at interior design.  I have no idea what I’m doing, but I know what I like.  Any bedroom I’ve had in the past was usually a hodge podge of vibrant colors and looked kind of erratic and tropical.  I realized that this is not the most peaceful setting for a bedroom.  For some reason I love hotel rooms with the big puffy clouds of white that are so pristine and cozy.  I wanted to model our bedroom after our room at our honeymoon resort in Cancun.  The walls at home were already a great sandy color and the bed is a rich chocolate brown.  I decided to play upon that.  I added some fun sea urchin sketches, soft lighting, and these deep blue curtains to give a nice pop of color.


These are from World Market and I had no clue what they were when they arrived because they were packaged like this.  It was actually fun to unwrap them.  I realize now that they were wrapped this way to give the fun crepe-like texture.




Here’s the room so far.  I’m thinking of a wall clock and a nice ceiling fan with the large palm leaves to finish it off.



Bucket List for Giving Back

This holiday season, I want to inspire a Bucket List of Giving Back.  In light of Friday’s tragic events in Newtown, CT, I think it’s more important than ever to think of ways to help others and support your community.

My Give Back Bucket List:


1. Help out at a soup kitchen on a holiday.

2.  Learn to be a grief counselor.

3.  Donate blood at least twice a year.

American Red Cross

4.  Donate more than $10 to a charity.  For example:

Heifer International

5.  Volunteer time to a disaster relief effort.

6.  Help build a home with Habitat for Humanity

7. Volunteer with a local clean up.

8.  Volunteer at the Assisted Living facility where I used to work.

Village Crossings

9.  Hold a bottle drive for a local charity.

10.  Do something like this on my 30th bday:

32 Acts of Kindness

11.  Be a Girl Scout Leader or help with a local troop

Girl Scouts of America

12.  Help out at the food pantry down the road.

Cumberland Food Bank

13.  Help a random charity here:

Donors Choose

What will be on your list?


I Think Ikat, I Think Ikat

Today I tried my first attempt at semi-re-upholstery.  It was also my first time using Ikat.  Up until recently I had no idea what Ikat was until I started religiously reading Emily A. Clark’s design blog.

I’ve had this office chair since elementary school when one Sunday morning after a sleepover, my friends and I found it on the street and decided to roll down the hill in our cul-de-sac with it.  However, it’s new purpose is for my vanity area in the bedroom.  I thought I’d class it up a bit with a kind of chair skirt.



First I pinned one rectangular piece of fabric to the cushion of the chair.  Then I measured the circumference of the cushion and hemmed an even longer rectangular piece to go around as the skirt.


Once the skirt was made, I slipped it over the cushion and hand sewed the skirt to the fabric on the cushion.




Before & After


Here’s a peek at what was going on outside.  What a great backdrop to a relaxing activity.

An other fun ideas for Ikat?

Take care!


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