Bedroom Makeover

This is my first attempt at interior design.  I have no idea what I’m doing, but I know what I like.  Any bedroom I’ve had in the past was usually a hodge podge of vibrant colors and looked kind of erratic and tropical.  I realized that this is not the most peaceful setting for a bedroom.  For some reason I love hotel rooms with the big puffy clouds of white that are so pristine and cozy.  I wanted to model our bedroom after our room at our honeymoon resort in Cancun.  The walls at home were already a great sandy color and the bed is a rich chocolate brown.  I decided to play upon that.  I added some fun sea urchin sketches, soft lighting, and these deep blue curtains to give a nice pop of color.


These are from World Market and I had no clue what they were when they arrived because they were packaged like this.  It was actually fun to unwrap them.  I realize now that they were wrapped this way to give the fun crepe-like texture.




Here’s the room so far.  I’m thinking of a wall clock and a nice ceiling fan with the large palm leaves to finish it off.





  1. Thank-you for the delicious and wonderful Christmas dinner. It was so much work for you and we had such a wonderful time. Thank- you also for the picture. It is so great to see all the boys together. Thank-you. We love you.

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