Beautiful Belly Project

Sunday marked the beginning of my new adventure in pregnancy photography.  I couldn’t do it without the help of my very talented makeup artist, Caylee Patenaude.  She’s worked with me for the past two years on various extreme makeup shoots including wild birds and Day of the Dead.  This shoot was very different not only because she was working with a belly instead of a face, but also because there was a little person wiggling around under her artwork.


I posted an ad on craigslist searching for women who wanted to volunteer.  The response was very positive.  I’ve found 6 so far and need 6 more volunteers until I start taking on new clients.  The first three women we worked with chose symbols that represented their names or families.  All the women have had children before and it was especially eye opening for this newlywed to hear about childbirth from three sources at once.

Each belly took about an hour to paint and the mothers relaxed in a moment that was all about them.

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More artwork to come!  The new Lola Studios site will launch at the beginning of March- stay tuned!


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