Wedding Dress Preservation- Yes or No?

Sorry for the long recess on my part- I’ve been putting a lot of focus into my photo studio and website, Lola Studios. 

I recently submitted my wedding dress for the wedding preservation that came with a discount when I got my dress.  My wedding was last August and I finally found the time to do it. There was never a question of whether or not I should do it.  But after packing all its fluffiness into a trash bag and shipping it across the country; I started to wonder.  It wasn’t until it came back to me this week that I felt a little remorse over not being able to see it hanging in the closet in all its glory.  However, I have to remind myself and my husband that this is for the best and that it may not stand the test of time without the anti-yellowing protection and air tight seal.


Plus, David’s Bridal did a pretty snazzy job keeping the form to the top.  It’s an impressive presentation.

I’m curious to hear other peoples’ opinions on the topic.  Have you or have you not?  Would you want to?





  1. My very dear daughter.the first time that I saw you in your beautiful wedding gown, I could have cried as you were so beautiful and when something touches my heart that is what happens..My wedding gown was lost many years ago when it was put in an attic and forgotten about.I still have the large picture that my dear Mother had taken of me in my gown..I was so young, but it was worth it. With you having your gown preserved, I think it is an excellent idea. You could always enlarge a picture of you in your gown and attach it to the front of the package that your gown is in so it will remind you of how you looked on your wedding day. Much Love,your second Mum

  2. Thanks you so much! I also have the wedding pics in the hallway to help us remember that beautiful day 🙂 I think it is wise to keep it safe for now until Alex and I decided to renew our vows 🙂

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