Meet Walter- Our English/Frenchie Bulldog!

This week we welcome Walter Wrinkleton Lear to our family.  All dogs have to have a crazy middle name, right?  I think it was in the owner’s manual…my first dog was Benjamin Maxamillion Sheffield, so there you go.


What a timely arrival, just as Will and Kate introduced George Alexander Louis to the world- we have brought home our little bundle as well.


Walter has had a bit of a rough start- we picked him out before he arrived at the puppy place and got dibs on him upon meeting.  We needed to keep him at the puppy place for five days to quarantine him before he could come home.  The next day he got a cherry eye and then got another cherry eye two days later.  Luckily, his appointment was scheduled far enough out that he could have both taken care of during his surgery.

Now he is a little space man for the rest of the week with his cone, but he looks good as new.  The surgery never seemed to dampen his energy levels either.


So now he’s almost been home with us for 24 hours and he’s adjusting wonderfully.  He and we all had a peaceful night- he went right to sleep as soon as the lights went out.  We’re very excited about our new addition and he already seems to fit right in.

Happy Saturday!


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