Multi-Purpose Cones for the Holidays!

For our office holiday party this year I decided to try my hand at making a charcuterie tree out of a styrofoam cone and kale.  It was a little trickier than I thought, but came out pretty cool and was a hit!

photo 1

I started out with the cone and added kale pieces to it and attached them with toothpicks.  I then added the meats, cheeses, and olives to keep the kale down.

photo 2

I had some leftover for the hubby as well.

I also made some icing candy trees!


There was a bit of trial and error here- I realized that you need to work from the bottom so it all doesn’t slide down and it helps to stack the candies instead of lightly dusting the icing with candy pieces like I did on the second one here.
Here’s the recipe for the icing- I had to add another 1/2 pound of sugar to make it thicker.
Royal Icing
1 pound (3-3/4 cups) powdered sugar
1-2 large egg whites
Mix all of the ingredients together using an electric mixer, until the icing is smooth and thick.


Hope you all had a great holiday season and enjoy a very merry new year!




Bar Cart DIY

Inspired by the influx of bar cart makeovers, I set out to find my very own cart to makeover.  I put some feelers out and found a perfect medical cart from the early 1900s from Portland Flea For all.

I used a hammered copper Rust-Oleum for the whole cart- it took about three cans, but I love the effect.  I’m still working on a cleaner arrangement for the items on it, but this is what I have so far.


Perfect for holiday entertaining!

I just got these three prints for the bar area as well from Evelyn Henson on etsy.

Inspired to do your own?  Check out your local flea market or find a finished one on etsy.



Second Update to 30 Acts!

Here is the first post from when we started and the first update.  To bring you up to speed, this is what we’ve done so far:

1. Thank you notes to North Yarmouth Fire and Police stations

2.  Cookies to Prince Public library

3. Donation to Animal Refuge League via Coinstar

4. Five lotto tickets to moms and seniors at Hannaford

5. Returned shopping carts in the parking lot

6. Money to people at laundromat

7. Paid for coffees at Dunkin Donuts

8.  Paid for coffees at The Royal Bean

9.  Cookies to Merrill Memorial library in Yarmouth

10.  Cookies to Yarmouth Town Hall

and today’s update:

11.  My mother-in-law, Cissie, contributed to the Lincoln County Animal Shelter in my name for this cause.

12.  I dropped off a car load of bottles and cans to Cans for a Cure hosted by Q97.9.  A special thanks for the help with can donations to my husband and my office at StockFood!

13. I also donated $50 to them to meet their goal of 500,000 bottles and cans.  I called up to help them finish up on their last day.

14.  I purchased coffee sacks from Others! to use for future projects.  All proceeds go to the Kenyan Water Project.

15. One of my past clients who did senior portraits with me via Lola Studios did a fundraiser for Breast Cancer Awareness and raised money to buy Headwraps.  I participated and got my nails done up for my Storm Trooper costume.  She is still raising money through the end of the year for the Tree of Life.

16.  I bought a water bottle from LUSH that gives $5 per bottle to the Wellington Water Watchers.

17.  I wrote a letter to a friend I’ve known since kindergarten.  Our mothers shared a hospital room in January 1983- we were born two days apart.

18. Alex and I went to the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital as Batman and Robin for their Halloween parade and passed out coloring books and crayons.

19. Clothes to Goodwill

20. $5 to Stand up for Cancer at Cumberland Farms

Ten more to go in less than a month!  My mom will be here soon and we’ll be wrapping gifts for the Make-a-Wish Foundation! Can’t Wait!



Thanksgiving in the Carolinas

This year I went to visit my Dad in North Carolina- I was literally flying solo. Sans my hubby who stayed with his parents and our pup this year.  I missed having him around, but it was nice to have some quality time with my Dad. I don’t get to see him very much during the year especially after moving to Maine.

photo 3(1)

We made a Thanksgiving spread for two.  It was a lot of food for two people, but it was the preparations and tradition that made it special for us. We have our favorite dishes we like to see each year.  If you caught my blog about my vegan diet- I did excuse myself from it for Thanksgiving day especially since I was preparing the bird.

photo 1

 photo 2

I made these fun turkey name cards a few years ago when I lived in Brooklyn. I found them in Martha Stewart Living.

photo 3

We always have a great time walking around town and we were lucky to catch the gingerbread display at the Carolina Hotel in Pinehurst.  The pastry chefs make remarkable replicas of the prominent buildings around town including, the Carolina itself.

photo 3 photo 2

We also had a chance to have lunch at the country club in Pinehurst.  I hopped back on my vegan bandwagon with this amazing portobello and grilled veggie sandwich on foccacia bread.  It even had a long toothpick with a tee at the end.

photo 1

Happy Holidays!


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