DIY Porch Pumpkins!

This year I’ve seen a whole lotta pumpkin decorating that goes beyond your usual template or freehand carving.  I decided I needed a piece of the action.  I usually have to have a real pumpkin, but I figured if I was going to make a masterpiece- that I would want it to last instead going through a slow death on the stage that is our front porch.

I went over to Michael’s and got a few plastic pumpkins and these wood paint pens.  They had lots of fluid paint that made them easy to work with.

This took maybe a half hour.  I went a little crazy on the “Lear” pumpkin, but I guess I can always try again on the back.

Have you been getting crafty lately- any ideas to share?

Madmen and Lollipops shoot

Lori Curole of Lollipop Art Productions was looking to update her website with a current fun and funky portrait of herself. She wanted to incorporate the ’50s style of her art along with the namesake of her company.  We went all out with huge lollipop cardboard pieces and confetti.  Watch out!  We managed to still keep it down to earth with the styling of her hair, makeup, and wardrobe as well as incorporating her own artwork. It’s fun to take two very different themes and put them together to see how they fit, kind of like music mash ups.  I’m very pleased with the outcome and I know Lori is too.


Testimonial from Lori Curole of Lollipop Art Productions

From the moment I met Lauren Lear, her bright smile and can-do attitude instilled confidence in me. Her background in theater & obvious photographic talent had me intrigued.
I was in the process of re-designing my website & re-branding my message for my business Lollipop Art Productions.  After a few emails back and forth with Lauren, we had a direction…Lauren would acquire some giant Lollipop props and I would find a vintage outfit, as I wanted to look classic.  I wanted a fun, playful and light looking picture…
I wanted to look different enough from my everyday self, yet still recognizable. I came to Lauren’s home studio on a Sunday and felt an instant rapport with makeup artist Caylee Patenaude.  I was open to creative suggestions but trusted Caylee & Lauren. Even down to false eyelashes to open what Caylee called my perfectly almond shaped eyes (who knew?) After some amazing makeup, bright pink lips right out of the 1950s with my hair in a timelessly classic style.  A quick wardrobe change and I was ready.  Lauren staged the giant lollipops in a red room which gave the shoot a really great backdrop.  Lauren is a pro, she has all the right tools to make you feel relax and smile big, but maybe what did it most for me was the confetti that she had me throw during the shoot…it was just fun, hard to not smile.  I love the result of my photo shoot and the new classically vintage me that Lauren and Caylee created.  I’m looking forward to using the photos for my website and marketing materials.

IMG_2244s copys

‘Til next time,


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