The Mr. and Mrs. Happy Handbook

This handbook was a gift from my Maid of Honor, Jenee’s, mom.  She gave it to me the day after the bachelorette party in Mississippi.  I read halfway though it on my flight home to Maine.  I took a hiatus from reading during my whirlwind of planning and have finally had the chance to pick it up again and finish it.

It’s a lighthearted and very jokey account of dating, love, marriage, kids, and all the craziness in between.  It’s a fun read for someone about to embark on all of the above.  While reading, I thought about how Alex and I started in the first stages of dating and imagined us in some of the insane scenarios recounted in the book.  It’s amazing what two people go through together in life.  Others can look in from the outside, but when it comes down to it- it’s a story shared by two.  I look forward to seeing how our story unfolds.

Do you have any favorite reads about wedding prep or new marriage?  If not maybe you have some advice to share?

I’d love to hear your ideas! ~



3 Weeks Gone Raw

I’ve completed 3 of 6 weeks on my raw diet and I’ve just finished reading The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Eating Raw.  I’ve also lost 6 pounds and have been told to expect 6 more by the end of my 6 weeks.

I was very intrigued with this guide from the start and finished it quickly because it breaks down everything you need to know about starting a raw diet plus it gives many recipes.  I made four recipes from the book that I will share.

I decided to go with a Thai and Tahitian theme, however, the book spans many other cultural dishes as well.

Tropical Thai Coconut Soup

Pad Thai with Spicy Thai Almond Dipping  Sauce

Papaya-Pineapple Pudding with Tahitian Vanilla Sauce

These recipes are very detailed and lengthy so I felt it best to show the outcomes to entice you to check out the book instead.   It also has zero pictures on the inside which is why I decided to create some.  That is a huge pet peeve of mine since I usually can’t be enticed to cook anything without seeing an end result picture.  However, I couldn’t pass these up, picture or not.

my kitchen…gone raw…

Going raw is no doubt a lot of work in terms of stocking your kitchen, having the right equipment, and making the time to prepare foods that keep you interested. As much as I like to experiment in the kitchen, I am exhausted after 5 hours of shopping and preparing these 4 recipes.  The point is that you get what you put in to it and what you put in your body should be a priority.  I never understood that as much as I do now.

One more treat before I go…

This is not from the CIG to Eating Raw, however, it is fabulous!  Its from Whole Living magazine and it is a simple and delicious pudding for raw foodies and omnivores alike.

Chocolate Pudding

3 avocados

6 Tbsp cocoa powder (I used raw cacao)

1/4 c raw honey

1 tsp vanilla extract

pinch of sea salt

  1. Puree avocados, cocoa powder, honey, and vanilla in a food processor until smooth. Sprinkle pudding with salt before serving.

    A great raw alternative to traditional cocoa.  This organic treat has no added sugar and is full of antioxidants, magnesium, and iron.

    That’s all for now 🙂


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