Random Acts of Kindness wrap up

I gave myself until the end of January to complete my 30 acts of kindness from when I turned 30 last January.  I’ve completed my list, but the kindness lives on.  I’ve signed up to do a few regular volunteer gigs, such as working at my local food pantry and helping out with Garbage to Garden‘s volunteer needs.

First 10 acts

Second set of 10

The remaining 10 acts are below:

21.  Donated jars of applesauce to Wayside Food Bank via Whole Foods Market during the holidays.

22.  Wrapped presents for Make-a-Wish foundation with my mom.

23.  Donated a gift to iBec (the creator of my business site Lola Studios) for Toys for Tots.


24.  My mother-in-law Cissie donated money toward layaway items at Renys in my name.

25.  Gave my parking space to a man that parked in front of me near a hydrant and gave him my parking slip with an hour’s worth of money left on it.

26.  Donated money towards a local child’s kidney transplant.

27.  Donated containers of coffee to Preble Street via a Yelp event at Flatbread.

28.  Wrote a thank you note to the person that was the reason for me moving to Maine for my internship and finding my husband and the life I now have.

29.  Volunteered at my local food pantry.

30. Donated bags of clothes to a family that recently lost their home to a fire.

That wraps up my 30 Random acts of kindness for the 31st year of my life.  This has been such a fun, easy, and rewarding experience. It takes so little effort to help others and a little really goes a long way.  I will continue to embrace these ideas in 2014 and in the rest of my life.



Bucket List for Giving Back

This holiday season, I want to inspire a Bucket List of Giving Back.  In light of Friday’s tragic events in Newtown, CT, I think it’s more important than ever to think of ways to help others and support your community.

My Give Back Bucket List:


1. Help out at a soup kitchen on a holiday.

2.  Learn to be a grief counselor.

3.  Donate blood at least twice a year.

American Red Cross

4.  Donate more than $10 to a charity.  For example:

Heifer International

5.  Volunteer time to a disaster relief effort.

6.  Help build a home with Habitat for Humanity

7. Volunteer with a local clean up.

8.  Volunteer at the Assisted Living facility where I used to work.

Village Crossings

9.  Hold a bottle drive for a local charity.

10.  Do something like this on my 30th bday:

32 Acts of Kindness

11.  Be a Girl Scout Leader or help with a local troop

Girl Scouts of America

12.  Help out at the food pantry down the road.

Cumberland Food Bank

13.  Help a random charity here:

Donors Choose

What will be on your list?


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