Husbands and Collections

Alex and I have owned our home for two months now and he has just moved in.  He needed a little extra time to move out of his apartment of 11 years.  I’m so happy to finally have him here and start our real married life together.  There will be a lot to learn about maintaining a home, but we’re off to a good start.

During the move, Alex had a lot to purge and not purge.  Don’t be surprised when you see us on Hoarders.  Any of our friends would agree, we both like to keep everything.  Not only that, but Alex is a collector of comics and a music enthusiast.  He’s been collecting since he received his first Hulk comic when he was 5.  Notice the massive collection behind him.  That’s only one wall.  When I lived with Alex for 6 months in his bachelor pad, I woke up to the Hulk, Spider-Man, and a vast array of other Marvel characters.  It wasn’t every girl’s dream, but it was a constant reminder of the man I love.  Thankfully though, he has a man cave to hold all of his prized possessions so I can visit when I like.

    Do you have any good collection stories from a significant other or roommate, maybe yourself?

I’d love to hear about it!




Happy New Lear?

I’m new to the blogging scene and I will be new to a lot of things pretty soon.  In less than 5 weeks I will be a newlywed, a new wife, new home owner, and newly honeymooned.  On top of all that I’ve just started a 6 week RAW/VEGAN diet.  I love to try new things, so I thought I’d try blogging as well.

I took some time to think of the best name for my blog and I was hoping for for awhile, however, it was not available.  Just as I was about to purchase, I thought of, Lear being my soon to be surname.  So, it hit me, happynewlear!  My betrothed, Alex, proposed to me on New Year’s Eve at midnight 2010.  Not only was that a Happy New Year, but I will soon be a happy new Lear 🙂  Yea!

Alex and Lauren 12/31/10

I hope to prove to be someone you look forward to hearing from weekly, whether it be about wedding prep, marital bliss, conquering new home chores/projects, DIYing, my new adventures with my raw diet, and cooking for my veggie loathing other half.

See you soon!


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