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In this post, I’d like to introduce my photo business, Lola Studios.  I’ve been fascinated with photography and theater for most of my life and that is how my studio was born.  I specialize in a highly stylized form of portraiture in which I use make up and and costumes to create a mood or theme specific to each client.  I couldn’t do it without the help of expert makeup artist, Caylee Patenaude.  She is very versatile and always up for a challenge!

Most recently, I worked with my raw food teacher, Elizabeth Fraser, of Girl Gone Raw.  I wanted to express not only her love of veggies but also the vibrance it brings to her life and the people she works with.  Elizabeth has been a huge inspiration to me and I’m so happy we had the chance to work together again.

We chose the theme of Rosie the Riveter, in this case the message was about being “Powered by Veggies”.  It was a great shoot and we were both pleased with the outcome.

Read more about her experience in her blog:

Powered by Veggies Photo Shoot with Lola Studios

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I had the best time with Lauren of Lola Studios last weekend!

I went in for a stylized Girl Gone Raw photo shoot and Lauren nailed it!  :-) Lauren had a creative vision of playing off of Rosie the Riveter and it was really fun to see her bring all of the pieces together to make it happen!

It all started with a little makeup by makeup artist Caylee Patenaude.  Caylee did a great job of keeping the makeup fun and light with an extra punch of color on the eyes.

Once the makeup was in place, we put on my bandana and then headed to the bathroom to put on the veggie tattoos from  I had never wanted a real tattoo before I saw these veggies falling down my arm.  Is there anything cuter?  I LOVE THEM!  :-)

With the veggies in place we headed back to the studio for the shoot.  Lauren made it easy, fun and natural and after a few minutes of a few different poses, we were done!

The stylized photo shoot was so much fun and I love the photo that Lauren captured.  It says everything I wanted it to about raw food & my business … fun, radiant, passionate and healthy!  I encourage anyone with their own business or a theatrical idea that they would like to bring to life to contact Lauren for a RAWsome shoot!

2 Responses to Powered by Veggies Photo Shoot with Lola Studios

  1. November 9, 2012 at 5:40 pm

    Thanks for the great review, Elizabeth! You inspired me not only as my model, but also as my guide in my raw living journey. Thanks for all your help it is truly invaluable.

  2. girlgoneraw
    November 15, 2012 at 8:41 pm

    You are a RAWK STAR! :-) So happy to have met you, Lauren!



Yesterday Alex and I closed on our first home.  We are both in quite a daze, but also very excited.  I have not officially had a home to call my own since I was 18 and was preparing to leave for college.  Since then I have bounced around from dorm rooms to part time stays in Atlanta, Indiana, Virginia, New York, and Maine.  In each of those places I made a huge effort to create a domestic environment around me, but it always lacked a certain something- permanence.  I am proud to say that after years of moving around- that I have found a home in Maine with with my almost husband (10 days!).

This is a huge step for Alex as well.  He has lived in his same apartment for the last 11 years.  At one point he even worked at a newspaper located directly under his apartment.  It is now a sandwich shop and there are kids drinking soda where he once wrote under deadline.

We’ve looked for about a year and a half now and I was starting to give up hope that “our house” was out there.  We came close to perfect with one a few months ago only to discover it was under contract and hadn’t had the status changed.  That was heartbreaking until we found this home.  Nothing had even come close to this home and it has all the features we wanted.  He wanted a man cave, I wanted him to have a man cave, I wanted a 2 car garage- saves on scrape down time in the morning- December to April ;), we both wanted offices, a place for his comic collection and a place for my photo studio (, more on that later).

So here we are during the first moments of realizing ownership.

We camped out there for our first night!

~ Lauren

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