Dining Room Reno!

Alex and I have lived in our home for over a year now and I’ve finally finished decorating the dining room complete with new paint and wall decor.

We started with two white walls and one already painted wall.  I kept the green/gray speckled wall and went with a dark teal in Peacock Plume for the other two walls.

 It was listed as a historic color and I thought my history buff husband would appreciate the nod 🙂 .  It turned out awesome and I was drawn to these peacock pillows from One Kings Lane to add the subtle theme.

 I love the lighthearted yet grown up feel they have.

The pièce de résistance is definitely this mirror from Ballard Designs that was recommended via Emily A Clark’s blog.

Then, of course, I needed some actual art.  Here are three pieces from local artist, Elizabeth Fraser of Fraser Art Studio.

Mackworth Island and Wolfe’s Neck Farm


Munjoy Hill

These pieces are especially important to me because they are of where I had my second date with my husband, where we got married, and our first Portland 4th of July together.

And in this corner…we have a cute little cabinet with a few samples of my maternal grandmother’s china.  We didn’t have room to display the whole set- it’s probably safer this way.  Especially since this lovely dining room becomes our pub on some weekend nights.

And finally, the farmer’s table.  I got this and the cabinet from Cherished Possessions in South Portland.

I love that place- I have several pieces from there and am always excited to see what they have.  It should be called the danger zone- except that they are actually reasonably priced so it’s not too dangerous for the bottom line.  The benches were a lucky find at Home Goods- another favorite!

I’m very pleased with the results- now to test ‘er out!  Just in time for the holidays!

Walter is happy to have access to this room again too 🙂


Pin Worthy Tips

Here are a few tips and tricks that I have either created or found:

Summer Tips

1)  Fill a small empty perfume spritzer with cold water and stick it in your cooler for the beach.

This is great for in between dips- especially in Maine when it takes 20 minutes to muster the courage to enter the icy water.

2) Blondes only- in between dyes, use a bronzer and brush to magically dust away your black roots- tada!


3)  For a quick cool down, try keeping your makeup remover wipes in the fridge.  I use the grapefruit scented ones shown here- it’s an extra boost with an energizing scent!

Household Tips

1) Use hand sanitizer to remove unwanted paint drips from baseboards- very quick and easy for the less than tidy painter

2) This is one I borrowed from Pinterest.  Best method for trapping fruit flies: Put and inch of apple cider vinegar and banana slices into a clear vase.

Wrap an 8.5 x11 piece of paper into a cone and place into vase so that it fits snuggly into the bottle neck area.

The fruit flies fly in and cannot escape.  I take mine outside each week to let them go.

This tip has become quite handy of late due to my new plethora of fruit and veggie waste from my raw diet.

Computer Tips

1)  This one might be obvious, however, it is so useful I just had to share.

Type “unsubscribe” into your email search space to bring up every email list you are on and easily unsubscribe from all that you want.

It even highlights the word “unsubscribe” in yellow to make it easy to find.

Hope you find these helpful!



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